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I walk and then this really cute guy runs up and grabs my elbow and said "he i'm Biff sorry about that guys he is just a fucking retard to every one" in my mind i'm thinking fuck another guy that i find cute Blonde. Okay' one day i am swimming on the lake with my swim suit with my 16 year old body glowing from the sun my skin sparkeling i see a few boys they're staring at me and me being a virgin and all well i guess i'm #1 virgin because i haven't masterbated ether well your probably like bull shit well its true not once well i get out and walk on the beach (kinda) a boy come up to me and says "hi i'm james whats your name" then i roll my eyes and say "piss off" and walk away but he runs up and slaps my butt and say "where you going *puusssy* cat" then i slam him and say "touch me again and then your gonna know excately where a pussy cat's goin,strait up your ass now go masterbate to a chair". Best. . “And after everything you’ve put her through over the years… Sleeping with her boyfriend, buying the same clothes as her because you knew they’d look better on you, making her drive you to prom when you were grounded from driving and she didn’t have a date… Wow


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Hottest Interracial, Toys adult clip

Jenny Jett
Bruhhh I used to follow her on ig before my account got disabled, good to see her again
Liv Lisa Fries
datos bro .. donde la ubico
Wakatsuki Maria
Quiciera experimentar con otra mujer @Red Velvet 레드벨벳
Ariana Van X
Awesome !!!