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Sometimes l would find it unbearable to sit in the same room with my brother and his girlfriend l think she knew l didn’t like her; l would picture my brother doing all the things with her that he does to me


. When Robert did finely get his pants off to free his stunning cock, l lay naked under him, lifting my knees slightly allowed Robert to get himself right in between my legs. As my uncle’s cock entered my waiting pussy l gasped for air, when his balls slapped against the crack between my legs it caused me to cry out how good his cock felt, there was no slow start he was driving his cock in and out of my pussy hard and fast telling me l was a dirty bitch, Robert must have been ready to shoot his load as he stopped abruptly and was about to slide his wonderful throbbing cock from my pussy when l yelled ‘lm taking contraception’ he gave one almighty thrust of his cock deep into my pussy, l closed my eyes and inhaled a large breath as Robert started pumping load after load of his steaming hot lush liquid spunk right up inside me, l couldn’t understand why my aunt was so quiet when he was fucking her, l let out a loud ‘Yes!’ and held Robert tight, his cock did feel good and so did the amount of spunk he filled me with, even though l wasn’t on the pill it didn’t worry me about getting pregnant because my brother had been delivering his spunk in me on and off for almost 10 months

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. . With three of her fingers in my ass and her jerking away on my cock I came in her mouth with a huge load of cum

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